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We guarantee car workshops 10 new customers per month.

Let us help your company secure at least 10 new customers per month.

Image by Chris Liverani

Guaranteed fast results

Topa is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We guarantee our car workshop clients results by designing, consulting, analyzing & executing. We've been building unique websites and advertising campaigns for the past 4 years. Let us help you grow your company

How we make carshops thrive

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Set a target

We analyze your audience to find their motivators, interests, emotional drivers and certain behaviors.

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Design a solution

We will then design a landing page unique to your car workshop. This will help us track the new audiences and convert them into paying customers.

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Track the progress

Once it's ready, we launch your advertising campaigns and lay down our own campaign strategy to ensure you get the best result for the money you invest.


Meet the founder

Topa was founded by Danilo Babovic, who is fascinated by the internet and the opportunity anyone can have within. He has studied marketing in Copenhagen while working full time scaling Topa.

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

- John Heywood


Meet the Team

Get to Know Us


Danilo Babovic


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Victor Mørk

Digital Copywriter


Charlie McMann

Strategy Specialist

You are always welcome to send us an email through the form right here.

Bomuldsgade 4, 2500 Copenhagen

+45 81532442


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